Nancy's Fried Dough
You haven't had fried dough until you've tried Nancy's!
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In the mid 1970's my husband Sylvester and I had a family recipe for fried dough and had a friend in the carnival circuit. An idea and a friend created an opportunity and a hobby suddenly became profitable. Our family has been active in the festival scene ever since, working consistently, expanding our menu, and exploring more opportunities. So what was once a profitable hobby, now has become a full-fledged business and a way of life.

We were one of the first concessionaires to bring funnel cakes to New York State and our recipe has remained the same over the years.

We have catered to many different county fairs, ethnic festivals, church festivals and craft shows. There are several major events with attendance over 100,000 people that we have been participating in since 1981 such as the Lilac Festival, Cornhill Arts Festival, and the Park Avenue Festival in Rochester, New York and the Oswego Harborfest, Waterfront Arts Show, and New York State Fair in other parts of the state. Our 30 years of experience provides us with logistical capabilities, fully-contained operating units, experienced-professional employees, fast and efficient sales of freshly prepared high quality food items, along with being able to fulfill all contract, health, labor and sales tax requirements.