Nancy's Fried Dough
You haven't had fried dough until you've tried Nancy's!





 Catering to your special events no matter what size!

Nancy's Fried Dough is a family owned enterprise based in Rochester, NY.  We are a mobile food concessionaire specializing in seasonal events for the past 30 years.  We are able to provide a wide and various menu to satisfy the needs of any event, large or small.  We are successful year in and year out due to many reasons but first and foremost it is because we  take pride in our product and enjoy what we do! 
Our operation is self-contained, modern, and flexible.  We are self sufficient, reliable, experienced, and have a great crew of employees that have been working for us for years.  The result is a great product and a happy customer!

But we are more than just fried dough!

Funnel cakes!
Brought the original Pennsylvania Dutch recipe into the central New York area over 30 years ago.

Made to order with only natural ingredients and fresh fruit.

No shortcuts here.  Only the finest ingredients go into our own tried and true recipe.  It's a meal and not a snack!